Samuel Cheng
UX Designer & Engineer


I'm Samuel, a UX designer and engineer with a passion for solving hard problems and making lives better. I love brainstorming issues, working with others, and building a solution together that allows technology to integrate into and enhance people's lives.

Some of my areas of interest are: healthcare and assistive technologies, education, visualizations, AR/VR, and interaction design. I believe I bring a unique perspective to the table: an interesting balance of having a technical and engineering background with user-centered and evidence-based design thinking. My strengths lie in synthesizing user needs to actionable design decisions and rapid prototyping.


When not working, I enjoy playing basketball and board games, writing, making music, and traveling. I love to share my passions with the world through my YouTube channel.


Initially trained as a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon, I worked three years for the U.S. Army as a recipient of the Department of Defense-funded Science, Math, and Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship.

Shortly after, I embarked on my HCI journey by first exploring the world of communication design and discovered that I wanted to truly understand people and their problems with technology and work out solutions to those problems. I began reading as much as I could about user experience but realized that my skills were lacking.

This prompted me to pursue a formal degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Georgia Tech while working part time for the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Armed with the knowledge and experience gained, I am working for a software engineering and consulting firm in Pittsburgh, hoping to spread a passion and appreciation for UX in my daily work.


If you are interested in what I do, please feel free to email me!